Linked in


Linked in is a professional networking site that gives anyone the opportunity to promote themselves for a job career. It is essentially an online resume/ professional profile. Your profile should reflect the best parts of you professionally. LinkedIn is used to network and find jobs in your area of work. It is also good for finding connections through LinkedIn. If you know someone and they know that there is a job in your field, they could recommend you for the job.

The first part of your profile is your name, where you live, and language(s) you speak. You also have the option to include a photo of yourself. This should be a professional looking picture.

Other information that should be included but is optional is the following.

  • Previous education and certifications received.
    • Include classes that are relevant to your field of work.
  • Previous places of work and what your position was in the company/list duties you were responsible for.
  • Volunteer work you have done (church, community, organizations).
  • Any special skills you are trained in, such as Microsoft programs.
  • Personal and professional interests you may have.
  • Organizations you support

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 Here are some advantages for using LinkedIn.

Project feedback

You may already have a job but need help with a project you are working on the job. You are able to post it to LinkedIn and have the people who are connected to you present feedback so it can be improved on.


Networking can help with receiving a job offer or hearing about a job listing in your field. If you are looking for other team members, networking can help you find  qualified people to hire.

Joining groups and meeting people

LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to join a group that you may want to be a part of for your job. This is one way you can meet new people, and find out about other companies you may want to work for.

My Experience with LinkedIn

I created my LinkedIn account last semester in my Written Communications class.  Our last unit was on writing resumes, cover letters, reference lists and thank you letters. My professor brought up LinkedIn which I had never heard of before and suggested that we should each create one before we graduate. I thought it was really cool that I could create a profile for myself to potentially receive a job offer in the future. I have one tip for you and making sure you have a top-notch LinkedIn profile.

Make sure to keep your profile updated with any new opportunities, jobs, volunteering and certifications.

Rachel Orcutt


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