Future Technology

New technology is always being discovered, developed and constructed. Different technology is going to affect different people. Here are some of the technologies that I have found during my research.

The first technology is about to be released in April of this year. It is the Braava, a robotic mop which is made by the same company that produce the Roomba vacuum. This robotic mop will help me in my life because I live with a physical disability and do not have good balance which causes me to fall easily. Wet surfaces are not a good thing for me to walk on because I could fall and get hurt. I also have difficulty standing to do an activity for long periods of time. The Braava has three modes to clean the floor. It is able to sweep, lightly mop, or deeply clean your floors. The square shape of the mop makes it easier for it to get corners. It can be used on tile linoleum and hardwood floors. The robotic mop uses a gyroscope and a sensor to move around the house without getting stuck or running into furniture. This robotic mop will be on sale In April at a hefty price of $900.

This next future technology is probably the one I am most excited about. As I stated above, I live with a physical disability and struggle with balance and walking in general. I where leg braces to help me walk during the day. Trying to find shoes that will fit my braces properly is a huge frustration I have dealt with my entire life. I only own four pairs of shoes because it is so difficult. I where Ugg boots during the winter and tennis shoes the rest of the year. Usually when I go shoe shopping I am stuck with finding only one option to pick from that works. I have always wanted someone to figure out how to make shoes other than tennis shoes that fit braces. With 3D printing, which has become more and more popular in the past few years. A few shoe companies such as Nike are starting to use 3D technology to produce custom shoes for customers. To begin the process of printing the customer has photos taken of their feet to get the exact size and measurement. The computer can then make an accurate model for the shoes. The 3D printers print the product by creating a layer of the material from the design a then adding them over and over again until it is fully developed. A 3D printer can be many different sizes ranging from the size of a microwave to a car.

I started wearing leg braces right before my first birthday after my club-foot surgery on both feet. Since that surgery (doctors telling my parents I would never walk) and much physical therapy, I can walk with the assistance of my leg braces. Throughout my life I have gone through many pairs of braces as I have grown bigger and bigger. The current method involves making a cast of my foot with plaster and making the brace from that. This process takes about two to four weeks, and sometimes it isn’t in the most ideal situation where the braces are broke and the patient can no longer where them. They also can become uncomfortable or put pressure on the sensitive skin causing sores. However the solution of 3D printing could change all of these issues making the braces fit better, faster to make (1 Day), and eliminate any future issues saving time and money.

There are new developments in the technique of how MRI scans are produced. This new study suggests the sodium gives the ability to see a much more detailed picture of the tissue, and a much higher chance of finding anything wrong. It will improve the diagnosis and how the disease is treated. Currently the scan uses the hydrogen in the body’s fat to find any problems.  This method does not give all the accurate information needed to make the correct diagnosis. The new sodium method will be more helpful in some areas of the body such as the brain, liver and the lungs. The kidneys are also a major candidate for this new theory because of the importance of the balance of sodium levels in the body. In further research we could potentially find the difference between a healthy kidney and a diseased kidney by where and how the sodium is tracking in the body. I was born with Spina bifida and have a higher chance of kidney failure which caused by reflux in my bladder. I have tests done every year to make sure both my kidneys and bladder are healthy and working properly.

This final technology is the future of self-driving cars. It could help people such as myself who live with physical disabilities and may not currently be driving.  It could also solve issues with distracted driving such as texting which is a huge problem with younger people. About 38,000 people were killed last year on the road. However this technology is far from being perfect and will not be for many years. I hope that this can be more developed in the future so it is safe for everyone to use. It would eliminate many problems with car accidents. Personally I would like it because I would not have to focus as much on the driving and it would not affect my anxiety with driving. I also have problems with staying alert enough when I’m driving and cannot drive for long periods of time. If this was a developed technology, it would allow me to independently get from place to place without having fatigue issues.